Every online store has their own set of rules and regulations that help them run their business successfully, and we are not any different. Before making any online purchases, the customer has to read these rules and ask questions where they do not understand. This helps the customer to avoid any unnecessary losses an understand know what steps to take should issues arise during placement of orders or delivery. Our company has clearly stipulated policies that we advise our clients to read through. What are some of these policies that clients need to know? How do we deal with customer complaints?


1. How about your Invoices of custom taxes or duties

More often than not, you will not receive an invoice on custom taxes or duties when the product is delivered. All orders are packed in small carton boxes labelled “gift, no value for customer”. However, there are cases where custom taxes and duties were applied to a shipment. We recorded 5 in the past one year. We offer our clients a partial compensation even though we are not liable for those duties and custom taxes. Every case is dealt with at a personal level by our customer service office.


2. What about the Quality of these counterfeit jewelry and cufflinks

Whether the accessory will break in a few days or last for some years will depend on how you wear it. Accessories worn frequently will last a few years without causing any problems. Our faux jewelry here are of a very high quality. They are different from the low quality ones found in the streets in that they do not break after a short duration of time.


3. Do the pictures in the website showcase genuine watches or replica varieties?

We guarantee that all the pictures in our website are pictures of the replica accessories. All the jewelry, cufflinks and other accessories are exactly as pictured in those photos. We do not use other companies’ pictures or pictures from catalogs of the original accessories.


4. How about samples?

All our products are in high demand, so by the time we send samples, the products will most likely be sold out. There are however many products posted with No Minimum Order Quantities for those who may want to view the quality of our products as well as our service.


5. Do you offer a Wholesale prices

We have a 20% discount on all products bought at wholesale. To qualify for the wholesale price, your order must have more than 5 items. You can mix the models of the products. Contact us via email to get a wholesale price.


6. What about your Return or change policy

Before making an order, ensure it is what you really want. However, if you change your mind after already getting the product, send it back within 4 days after you get it. You can choose another accessory but a $40 restocking fee will be charged before the new selection is sent to you.


7. The Responses from your support team sometimes is delayed, why?

We handle a large number of emails, and that is why we try our best to respond to your queries within 24 hours over the weekdays. If your question is not answered within the required time, you can escalate the issue with our support.


8. How do you deal with the Damaged products

If you happen to receive a replica cartier that is damaged or the content inside are missing contact us immediately and let us know. We will send back a replacement once we get the damaged product.


9. What are the Materials used on the replicas

The cufflinks we sell are made from 316L solid steel and tough brass. The jewelry is mostly 316L steel and silver-plated material.


10. How to clean my jewelry after purchasing them

Do not place the accessories under running water. Avoid using hard items and fire to clean them. Use a special polishing clothing to clean your jewelry.


11. Where are you primarily located?

Our company is located in Australia. However, our factories and warehouses are in China. This explains why our products are sent from the Orient.


12. What methods of payment do you usually accept?

Visa and MasterCard online are acceptable. If you plan to pay through PayPal, kindly send us an email first. If you have any questions that may not have been answered, kindly contact our customer service office and they will be happy to furnish you with a response as soon as they can.